N.A.W.A Big Time Pro Wrestling

Welcome to the Official N.A.W.A Big Time Pro Wrestling Web Page! 


N.A.W.A is action-packed, with some of the greatest wrestling talent in Texas, such as: Kit Carson, Pablo Chuco Doberman, Craig Jerico, and many others!!! N.A.W.A runs shows the first Saturday of every month at the Killertorium at a new time of 6 P.M. As a entertaining business N.A.W.A makes sure that all the action is suitable for ALL  ages.

Upcoming Shows:

November 7th, 6 P.M. @ Killertorium



(World's youngest proffesional wrestler and N.A.W.A's own Chris Cross Hits the top-rope for some high risk action!)

 Breaking News!: For those who were at the October 3rd Show, know that At the start of the Main Event, Young, Upcoming superstar, Kayden Von Eric and his partner, Clayton Brooks, were cheated by being beatin with a wrench by opponents Pablo Chuco and Doberman, as a result of this incindent, Kayden Von Eric is out for 6 months with a torn ACL. This injury will require surgery. We wish Kayden a speedy recovery.

N.A.W.A Roster: 

Chris Cross

                                                                           Li Fang


                                                              Pablo Chuco

Kit Carson

                                                                Jacob Starr

Kayden Von Eric

                                                               Craig Jerico

Taylor Clay


Ray Azteca

                                                        Dr. "Nemo" Luv

Adam Bomb

                                                           The Punisher




                                                                                                                                                                     (Craig Jerico and Taylor Clay)

(Oklahoma/Mexico Connection Pablo Chuco and Doberman)

                                              (The International Warrior Li Fang)

All seats are ringside at the Killertorium...and each ticket is $10.


If you would like directions to our events, or event info. Contact "Killer" Tim Brooks @ 214-893-8696

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